Week 9 – Spring

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Can you believe it’s already March?  This is the month I turn 30 and Peanut turns 2.  March means that warmer weather is on its way and we can finally get outside again.

Last weekend we hosted brunch at our house.  I made breakfast pinwheels.  Instead of ham and chives, I mixed some green chiles into the scrambled eggs and they were amazing.  I did accidentally cut them bigger than they were supposed to be, so instead of 16 pinwheels, I had 6.  But we just cut each in half and it was fine.

We spent this week inside because Peanut caught both strep and a cold at the same time.  Every time she coughed it made her throat hurt and it was pretty hard to watch.  Fortunately she’s on the mend and is already back to herself.

Years ago I regularly made the 5 minute artisan bread. It was nice to be able to have fresh bread any time we wanted.  I haven’t made it in a few years and it’s ridiculous to buy bakery bread if I can make it at home.  I made my first batch yesterday and it was amazing!  I’m excited to keep testing different variations.

My favorite links from this week

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What to celebrate this week

Monday – National Napping Day

Tuesday – National Good Samaritan Day

Wednesday – National Write Your Story Day

Thursday – Brain Awareness Week

Friday – National Panda Day

Saturday – St Patrick’s Day

Sunday – National Sloppy Joe Day


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