Week 7: Flying By

Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash

This was one of those weeks that seemed to fly by without any reason. Times like this make me nervous.  Like my life is flying by without much notice.  However, we made plenty of time for adventure.

Traditionally, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It never made sense to celebrate our relationship on a day that really didn’t hold any special meaning to us. But we don’t want Peanut to miss out. She enjoyed all the candy, had a party with her friends, and had a great day. That evening we bought a few different cheeses, rotisserie chicken, crackers, and some wine (for the adults). It was a way to do something special without contributing to a commercial industry that we don’t really support. And we all really enjoyed it.

Tony and I have been adventuring digitally by playing Don’t Starve this week.  I downloaded the IOS game months ago when I had a gift card and finally understood it enough to not constantly die.  We downloaded Don’t Starve Together last week and it’s been a fun way to spend time together.

Here’s a few of my favorite things from the internet this week:

A Dying 19-Year-Old Used Her Final Words to Lead Authorities to Her Suspected Killers – Buzzfeed

You Can Pull People Up the Ladder Behind You – Yes and Yes

Our Adoption Story: Our Family Day & Time in China  – The Larson House (Prepare to have all the feelings with this one)

Rom-Com – This American Life

This week:

Monday: National Chocolate Mint day.

Tuesday: National Love your Pet Day.

Wednesday: National sticky bun day.

Thursday: National Margarita day

Friday: National Banana bread day

Saturday: National Tortilla Chip day (with queso or guacamole.  obviously.)

Sunday: National Clam Chowder Day

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