How to Actually Get Your Life Together

The new year is here and you have some pretty lofty goals to get yourself organized this year. You got a head start and bought a planner and a few pens and a bunch of stickers but you don’t know where to go from here. Maybe you were too overwhelmed to buy anything.
Regardless, it’s time to take that first step in actually getting yourself organized. Set all that stuff to the side and grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen. Write down everything you need to keep track of. All your unfinished tasks, upcoming appointments, bills, everything. Get it all down.
Do you have any big goals for this year? Grab another sheet of paper and break down your goal into 4 steps. Now break down each step into 3 more steps. Turn each of them into 4 more pieces. Finally, split those 4 pieces into 7 steps. Add them to your list.
As soon as you feel like you have nothing left to worry about, fold up that piece of paper and put it in your pocket. If you have time, pick the task off your list that will take the least amount of time and knock it out. As you think of things you missed, add them to your list.
After a few hours or even tomorrow take a look at your list. Everything that has a timeline gets scheduled in your planner. This is only for appointments and tasks that have an exact due date. As you schedule things out, mark them off your list.
Next is the steps to your dream. Give everything a due date and make it stand out. Write it in gold ink, draw stars around it, whatever it takes. Make a commitment to yourself right now that these are non negotiable.
Now look at what is remaining. Start to fill open days with these tasks. If a task seems too big to do in one sitting, break it down into smaller pieces and schedule each piece on your calendar.
Celebrate! You are this much closer to making your goals happen without leaving your responsibilities in the dust.

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