2017 Media Adventures in Review

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One of my favorite parts of starting a new year is taking the time to sit down and recall the memories made. It’s always surprising how much we tend to forget or overlook after the fact. I wanted to look into some of favorite things from this year and what I’m most looking forward to in the coming year. Because I tend to gravitate toward digital media such as video games, movies and television, I’ll be focusing on that. (Even tablets have made some of my favorite analog past times such as reading and comics a digital endeavor!) Without further ado here is what I most enjoyed in this past year!

Favorite Movies

Baby Driver: This movie is an adrenaline rush from beginning to end and the soundtrack is excellent. This movie is unique but plays on all the right heist movie tropes when it needs to. I can’t recommend it enough.
Blade Runner 2049: I’m a huge fan science fiction and this movie just did it for me. It’s a visual masterpiece and the story itself manages to break cliches in order to build a seriously enjoyable watch. I can’t wait to come back to this world.

Favorite TV Shows

The Punisher: As a comic book fan I could not wait for this show to finally release and I was not disappointed. Besides the phenomenal action and emotional story one of my favorite aspects of the show is how they portrayed PTSD in different ways.
The Handmaid’s Tale: This is an expertly crafted adaptation to Margaret Atwood’s unforgettable novel. Its filmed beautifully and there are some excellent performances here. It’s chilling how much you can draw similarities to today’s climate if you have an honest look.

Favorite Video Games:

Player Unknown Battleground: This game has nonstop thrills (and frustration) to offer every single time you play. Think “The Hunger Games” on a loop. The game came with many issues to work out but is supported heavily by the developers and now has a full version out. I highly recommend this for fans of first person shooters and adrenaline, with some patience to go along with it.
Zelda Breath of the Wild: If it feels like Zelda games have been around forever. They are always at the top of best games lists its because they always deliver. That being said, Breath of the Wild is even a notch above your average Zelda game. There’s so much freedom and creativity in the game it’s such a joy to explore, not to mention it’s simply beautiful. Few games are able to lure people into buying a console. This game alone made droves buy a Switch and I can’t fault that decision.
I’m already looking forward to so much from this year! I can’t wait to see Black Panther in theaters. I’m ready for season 2 of Marvel’s The Runaways and I’m ecstatic for Monster Hunter World.
What were some of your favorite things from last year? What are you excited for already? Here’s to a wonderful media filled 2018!

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  1. The Punisher was INCREDIBLE! We loved it!
    I’m pretty sure it came out in 2016 but one of my obsessions in 2017 was Moana!
    We also found a Netflix original sci-fi show, Travelers, that we thought was pretty good. The second season just came out.

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