My Word for 2018 – Rise

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Rather than setting New Years’ goals I know I’ll never do, I like to choose a word to frame my year. The concept is pretty simple. You use that word to focus your intentions for the year. My favorite example is the person who chose thrive. She used it as a baseline for every decision she had to make that year. Is skipping the gym today something that someone who is thriving would do? Sometimes that answer is yes, and sometimes it’s no.
I’ve discussed the year I chose present. It was what propelled me to making charity hats as a way to give “presents” and to make myself be more present. Because I chose present, I taught myself to knit and crochet and I continue to do both today.
This years’ word feels like it will hold more weight. 2017 was not my year. Some really amazing things happened to us but there were plenty of lows. I spent too much of the last year wallowing in my lows, making myself feel smaller in the process. Originally, I was leaning toward something along the lines of “make it happen”. But the best the thesaurus could give me was affect, and that didn’t really have the feeling I was hoping for. I was stuck on how it didn’t feel like something I did, but something that happened to me. Even though that definition is closer to effect, I wasn’t as drawn to affect as I wanted to be.
I resigned to affect as the closest to what I wanted when the right word jumped at me when I was least expecting it. I stumbled across Rise on Facebook earlier this week and feels like exactly what I need for the new year. I want to rise above everything 2017 dumped on me. In a lot of ways, it feels like 2018 is going to help me rise from the ashes.
While looking at the definitions for rise, I know this is exactly what I need this year. To cease to be submissive, obedient, or peaceful. To be restored to life. To succeed in not being limited or constrained by a constrictive environment or situation. To find the strength or ability to respond adequately to a challenging situation. Rise is exactly everything I intend to do in 2018.
I know that choosing rise won’t fix the difficulties of last year. But I’m hoping that it will serve as a reminder that I am not my problems. I can learn from what happens to me and move on. I’m excited to see what rise does for me in the new year.

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  1. I am excited to follow your adventures as you RISE this year! Don’t be afraid to lean on your readers for accountability. We can give you a boost when you need it!

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