50 Habits to Start Today

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Personal Development

  1. Morning Pages
  2. List three things you’re grateful for every morning
  3. Learn new cooking techniques
  4. Regularly reflect on your goals
  5. Do something creative
  6. Try a new recipe
  7. Find media from someone who is different than you 
  8. Watch YouTube tutorials
  9. Take a free course


  1. Eat the frog
  2. Inbox Zero
  3. Plan your week

Personal Finance.

  1. Put everything you want to buy in the cart and give it 24 hours
  2. Start and keep a budget
  3. Contribute to your savings
  4. Regularly check in on your budget with your significant other
  5. Pay your bills early

Physical Health

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Floss
  4. Meal prep
  5. Use a Fitness tracker
  6. Take 100 more steps than yesterday
  7. Stretch every day
  8. Eat 5 vegetables a day
  9. Stand up straight
  10. Park farther from your destination

Mental Health

  1. Unplug 30 minutes before bed
  2. Go somewhere you’ve never been
  3. Keep a to read list
  4. Subscribe to a new mailing list
  5. Make coffee for your significant other
  6. Practice Meditation
  7. Go to bed at a reasonable time
  8. Go on a Lunchtime Adventure
  9. Say yes to new experiences
  10. Speak kindly to yourself


  1. Plan a date
  2. Call your grandparents
  3. Check in with a friend
  4. Meet new people
  5. Spend time with your friends
  6. Compliment one person every day
  7. Anonymously do something nice for someone
  8. Apologize when you’re wrong


  1. Keep support packs in your car for the homeless you encounter
  2. Volunteer
  3. Clean up after yourself every night before bed
  4. Donate extra money to a charity
  5. Send Care Packages to soldiers

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