8 Low Cost Holiday Traditions

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Last Christmas, Peanut was too little to really participate in many activities with us.  She still experienced opening presents, looking at lights, and seeing family, but was too small to really enjoy it or know what was going on.  This year we’re hoping to start some traditions of our own.

1. Stroll your neighborhood and look at light displays

There’s something magic about sparkly lights that are sure to get me in the Christmas spirit.  Pack some travel cups with cocoa, bundle up, and go.

2. Make hot cocoa and watch a cheesy Christmas movie

No matter where you get your Christmas movies from, they’re always amazingly cheesy in the best way possible.  Netflix has some fantastic options.

3. Bake and decorate cookies

Cookies are frequently associated with the holidays and for good reason.  Invite your friends over for eggnog and have a cookie decorating contest.

4. Make your own Ornaments

On a diet?  Hate the thought of eating people shaped cookies?  These are fun and smell amazing.

5. Volunteer.

During a season full of gifts, hearty meals, and gratitude, it’s important to remember those of us who don’t have these things.  You can make a dozen hats, volunteer at your local food pantry, wrap gifts for local children, or volunteer to shovel snow for elderly neighbors.  Whatever you chose to do will be a welcome gift.

6. Create a holiday Playlist

And listen to it on repeat for days. You can listen to it next year and every year after.

7. Build a Gingerbread House

You can bake your walls while you’re making cookies or buy a kit.  For even easier houses, use graham crackers and store bought frosting.  The entire point is to have fun while earning a sugar high.

8. Host an Elephant Gift or Ornament Exchange

Bust out your tackiest Christmas Sweater (or make one?), grab a ridiculous gift, and have a blast.

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