What to do When You Don’t Have Anything to do

Photo by Haley Powers on Unsplash
As the weather gets colder, it becomes much more difficult to find the motivation to do things. It’s too cold to do outdoor activities and many of us suffer from seasonal depression. The sky is gray and it brings us down with it. The longer you stew in your unhappy bubble, the worse it’s going to get. It’s time to get out and find adventure.

Check Facebook Events

I regularly make sure to make a pass through upcoming events on facebook and click “interested” on anything that looks fun. Even though I try to intentionally pay attention to what’s going on in my community, Facebook has tons of hidden gems. Local events give you an amazing adventure, while also supporting your community. More often than not they’re coordinated by local groups as a fundraiser for their activities. Participating means they have more resources to do what they do. You’re increasing the likelihood that group will continue to organize future events.

Explore Downtown

Nearly every city has an amazing downtown. Our downtown boast several curiosity shops. We enjoy stopping by the fair trade store to see what they’ve brought in from around the world. There’s a new smoothie place that Peanut loves. We even have a home goods place that carries specialty salts seasoned with a variety of spices perfect for kitchen adventures. Even though it’s getting colder, we like to walk from store to store browsing what new things they have to offer.

Visit an Art Museum

We love art museums. Every one we have visited is free. They always have new exhibits, making sure every time we visit it’s a new experience. I love seeing the passion and painstaking hours someone put into crafting something amazing. It gives us a glimpse into the personality of someone we’ve never met. Art is an opening to the heart of whoever created it. I enjoy analyzing the creation of it. The final result is beautiful but it’s interesting to look close at the individual brush stroke and where the colors blend to create something amazing.

Take advantage of the amazing things in your hometown

You know how people in NYC don’t visit the Statue of Liberty? They feel like it’s always too crowded and it’ll be there tomorrow. Maybe you have a highly regarded World War I museum, but you’ve never been because of every excuse in the book? Eventually it won’t be there anymore and you’re wasting precious time not exploring. Every time you drive by something that you want to “someday” visit, write it down. Then you’ll have a database of adventures all ready to go when you’re stuck looking for something to do.

Be open to suggestions from others.

Poll the people around you about their favorite place. Everyone has an obsession with a place you haven’t considered. And be sure to say yes to more things. Binging tv on a Friday night is a great way to start your weekend, but it often comes at the expense of adventures with our friends.

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