Don’t Let it Pass You By

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
I know you’re waiting for something. Waiting for 5, waiting for the weekend, waiting for that vacation you’re taking in March. Waiting to have enough money to take that vacation. Then you’ll be happy. Then you can do something fun. You just have to make it until then.
We trap ourselves in this circle of waiting for something that comes and flashes by. The space between 5 and bedtime, weekends, and even that week long vacation don’t last near as long as the time we spend waiting for them to get here. We build these events up so much in our minds that as it comes and goes it doesn’t live up to our expectations. Nevertheless we continue to repeat the cycle over again. Before we know it Monday morning is here and our wait starts all over again.
You don’t have to love every minute of every day. We all have to go to the doctor, pay bills, and run errands. But it’s so important to find something you’re excited about daily.
You can defeat the waiting cycle by being intentional with your free time. Check out some local events, go on a lunchtime adventure, teach yourself something new. There’s a billion things to do that get you out of the slump.
Facebook events is wonderful for this. You can see what’s going on in your city in the next few days. Often I find things that sound like a blast and I had no idea they were happening. That thing you always wanted to do? Why not take a class and have some fun along the way. Craftsy is full of classes on crafty things like knitting, drawing, and even cooking classes!
This is what Everyday Everest is all about. We can’t all bail on our responsibilities to go on crazy adventures. However, visiting an art museum during your lunch break can add some fun to your day and break the monotony. We only get one life. It’s not worth letting it pass by without doing everything we can to make it as fun as possible.

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