5 Ways to Get by Until Stranger Things 2

Some of the absolute best adventures can be had from the comfort of your favorite chair, or couch, snuggled and comfortable.  Books, and comics are phenomenal vehicles to transport you to new places.  Of course in this golden age of streaming there’s no show you can’t find at your fingertips.  One of these adventures that took the world by storm was Stranger Things.  What’s not to love? It’s nostalgia wrapped into a neat package of childhood friendship, clever dialogue, nerdom, and the quintessential narrative of the protagonist conquering evil.  

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As I’m sure most of you are aware by now, season 2 is fast approaching, and with every new trailer the excitement has reached a fever pitch.     That’s why if you’re a fan such as I am, the wait to October 27 feels unbearable.  These are the 5 best things I can recommend you dig into to tide you over until that day!

First on the the list is Wayward Pines.  This show gets the nod because of its tonality and sci-fi vibe.  Much like Stranger Things, the mystery that surrounds it from the get go will keep you at the edge of your seat.  It’s hard not to become submersed in this universe after a few episodes. The twists and turns to its conclusion are some of the best in any current series

Next on the list is one of my favorite recent comics from one of my favorite authors.  Papergirls for my money is the closest thing you can get to Stranger things.  It features 4 teen girls on bikes in Midwest America who find adventure involving a supernatural entity.  Starting to sound familiar?  I implore you to give this a try even if you’re not particularly into comics.  Brian K Vaughan is one of the best storytellers of our generation, regardless of medium.  

A more recent release that takes may of its cues from what made Stranger Things successful is the movie IT.  At the center of the plot is teenagers who have to fight through their fears in order to beat evil.  The chemistry and banter between them is excellent as well as hilarious.  As a bonus Finn Wolfhard (Mike) is also cast here.  

Another excellent movie that will hit all the right notes is Super 8 This movie uses the same formula of vaulting a group of teenagers into supernatural situations bigger than they are.  JJ Abrams crafts a great story packed with adventure and develops strong characters.  In turn you’re engulfed into the movie and will be left thrilled until its conclusion.  


Lumberjanes is another comic that makes a living by perfectly portraying what it is like to be a teenager and their friendships.   Lumberjanes is not a traditional sci-fi comic, but it does have some of the best written characters that are easy to love. The authors do an excellent job portraying characters of different backgrounds who manage to band together and always take care of each otherThe best part about this comic is how well it’s written, and its ability to weave serious and thoughtful topics into its entertaining adventures

October 27th can’t come soon enough, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of quality material to be explored in the meantime.  I would love to hear if you try any of these out, or if you have any suggestions of your own!  


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