4 DIY Kits to Have an Adventure at Home

As the weather begins to cool, it becomes more difficult to venture outside.  Just because it’s bleak outside doesn’t mean we have to relegate ourselves to our couches all weekend.  Amazon is full of kits perfect for a rainy day adventure.  You can have them delivered to your door and have fun without stepping a foot into inclement weather. 
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Here are four kits I have on my adventure wishlist.

1. Make your own Hot Sauce Kit

With everything you need to make several types of hot sauce, you can spend an afternoon mixing to your heart’s content.  The kit comes with the ingredients and recipes for six different varieties, but nothing is stopping you from blending your own.  Have a blast making your spicy concoctions and then have a tasting party to sample your creations. Because your kit comes with the recipes, you know exactly how to mix your favorite blends again and again.

2. Crystal Growing Kit

I like this kit because the crystals are so cool looking.  This one is more of a set it and forget it but that just means you can feel like you did something cool and can get back to snuggling on the couch while your crystals grow themselves.  It will be super fun to watch them grow and change for the next several days.

3. Make your Own Chocolate Kit

I can’t imagine the chocolate that comes from this kit tastes very good, but the experience will be well worth eating some waxy chocolate.  Spend the afternoon making chocolate.  Round out the experience with a tasting plate that includes fruit, pastries, your fresh chocolate, and coffee or hot chocolate.

4. Glow in the Dark Slime

Who doesn’t love playing with squishy slime?  This kit gives you everything to make two different kinds of slime and storage containers to keep it in so you can squish it for several days to come.



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