Boys Just Want to Have Fun

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Having a boys’ night is one of the best traditions you can have among friends.  This holds especially true once your friends group starts marrying and having kids.  It’s a small way to keep your bond close, and to cut loose from some of the rigors work and routine can pack on. 
I understand how much more difficult it can be once kids and family come into play.  That’s why sometimes we have to get creative.  If your boys’ nights are usually drunken debauchery, that’s great!  However there is no magical shortcut to bring them back every weekend.  I recommend having a well thought out plan and discussing it with your significant other. Those nights require extra communication.  What I want to talk about is something a little more toned down with plenty of fun and comradery to go around. 
Ideally you want to plan this for a Friday or Saturday. No work the next morning makes it easier to justify staying up late.  The first rule to a successful outing is to not only have good communication with the guys but more importantly with your significant other.  When everyone is talking and on the same page, it makes life much easier. 
The next step after scheduling is to situate your partners. The real key here is to make them feel appreciated and not unwanted. If all spouses get along that’s great news!  You can have them do an activity of their own.  If that situation is a little bit dicier think outside the box.  Buy them movie tickets, or an evening spa trip. 
Now, what to do about the kids.  My favorite solution is to get all the kids together and have fun sleepover they can enjoy!  Pitch in and pay for a sitter or two if there’s enough kids to facilitate the process. 
Now comes the fun part!  This is where you can cut lose and get creative with what you want out of a boys’ night!  I like to kick things off by lighting the grill and having everyone bring their favorite grill food.  Word of caution, when I get together with my friends we tend to forget side dishes and end up with mountains of grilled meat and not much else.  I’m not saying that’s a problem but maybe that’s not for everyone. Follow it up with the activities for the evening.  One of my personal favorites is playing games like NBA 2k18, Fifa18, or Mortal Kombat and adding a little friendly (or not) competition to the nightMaybe play poker, or throw Darts.  Do whatever you guys have fun doing. The point is to cut lose, bond, and enjoy a bit of peace.    As long as you’re enjoying yourself you’re doing it right. 

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