Where to Donate Charity Hats

It’s been two weeks, are you an expert hat maker yet?
I’m sure everyone in your life wants you to make them something but soon you’re going to run out of heads to cover. When I started my 52 Hats Project I knew I was going to need some place to donate them.  At the time, I wanted to focus on someone close to home who was around my own age. There are so many people all over the world who need our help. I decided to keep my hats local saving on shipping means I have more resources. I also know how cold it gets here during the wintertime and I wanted to make sure I was doing my part to keep people warm. I also keep a few hats in my car to give to people in need when I am going through my day.
Think about a group of people you want to help.  Maybe your heart is with newborn babies, or those with cancer.  Maybe you want to support victims of a natural disaster. Whatever your group is, I’m sure there’s a way to help them with charity knitting.  Here are a few organizations I found.
The Hat Box Foundation is an organization that donates handmade hats to people with cancer.  Due to the unique needs of cancer patients, they do ask the hats cover the wearer’s ears and nape of the neck.  You can mail bundles of 25 hats to Hat Box Foundation 3471 Caminito Sierra, #P202 Carlsbad, CA 92009
Knit Aid USA supports refugees through knitted donations.  You’ll have to wait for specific donation times. However they collect several different items so if you get bored making hats you can try your hand at socks, scarves, or even hot water bottle covers!  
If tiny humans are where your heart lies, this is the organization for you.  One amazing thing about making tiny hats is that you should be able to whip up a whole bunch in no time. Do note the specific requirements for these hats. Precious heads have special needs.  
Operation Gratitude collects handmade hats and scarves in care packages to deployed soldiers.  Try to keep your colors on the subtle side and make sure you follow their sizing guidelines.  
If shelter animals are close to your heart, this organization makes comfort items for homeless animals.  They have a variety of patterns on their website so you never get bored.  Check with your local animal shelter before dropping off items to ensure they have use for them.  
The most important thing is to know your donations are going to help people (or animals!).  Please check all requirements before starting your project to make sure you are a good fit.  Let me know how your adventure unfolds!

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