The Seven Best Things to do this Fall

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The temperature is dropping and the leaves are turning a beautiful hues of orange and yellow. Fall is officially here and with it, so much excitement! I have always loved this season and all it has to offer. The weather is perfect, sports are in abundance, scarves and cardigans are never out of place, HALLOWEEN, and of course pumpkin spice everything! With so much going on it can be a bit hectic or daunting trying squeeze the most you can out of it. I put together my favorite seven things to do this fall and why you should try them too!
  1. Cider tasting:

    I have and will always be a fat kid at heart so recommending food and drinks is definitely a priority for me. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the mood, but cider simply tastes better now. Get Autumn started by experiencing a cider tasting near you.
  2. Harvest Apples:

    You can’t have cider without apples, so it’s only natural that we would visit an apple orchard. Find the closest orchard near you and have a blast with your family. It’s always an adventure to pick your own apples and enjoy some of the best apple crafted recipes the farm will have to offer.
  3. Run a 5k:

    With all the extra eating and drinking you’re sure to be doing it’s never a bad idea to try and counteract that by picking up the intensity in your physical fitness. This time of year charity 5k’s are everywhere. Take a look at your local paper or Facebook groups, sign up for one and let the training begin.
  4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch:

    Take some time off to enjoy the beauty your local farm has offer this time of year. Particularly one that has a pumpkin patch. Most of them also have a hayride and some might even feature a corn maze! You get to pick pumpkins for activities later and this makes for a phenomenal family outing as well as a sneakily romantic date.
  5. Fall Hikes:

    It’s possible a 5k is not in your wheelhouse and that is perfectly okay. If that is the case then hiking through backwoods with tons of foliage may be more your speed. It’s relaxing to stroll down a path while the leaves fall around you and fill the world with color. This is hard to beat for relaxing, unplugging, and taking a moment to enjoy your slice of life.
  6. Pumpkin Carving:

    Fall is synonymous with Halloween and Thanksgiving just as Winter is with Christmas. With that in mind pumpkin carving has to be on the list! Let’s put those pumpkins we picked on the pumpkin patch and have fun carving patterns, faces and designs! Here’s a quick guide if you have no idea where to start. It’s fun for couples and families alike. Plus they’ll be great for added decoration!
  7. Halloween Costume Party:

    At this point you’re probably tired of hiking, running 5k’s and hopping from one farm or orchard to the next. That’s exactly why the perfect way to cut loose and have fun is to throw your very own Halloween costume party. I promise that even as an adult this is a blast. Make sure you set up a date and time as soon as possible to give your guest ample time to prepare. Have some costume awards, do some creepy snacks, and go all out on the decorations.
These are of course some ideas to get you started now that fall is here, there are countless others you can do and I’m excited to hear about those as well! If you have any other suggestions or questions please drop them in the comments! Have fun and pumpkin spice responsibly!


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