Gotta Start Somewhere

Photo by Helen Martinez on Unsplash
Last time I wrote about my health and fitness was September 5th. I laid a basic manifesto of commitment to improve myself. Today, a short 21 days later, I have gone from 238 Lbs to 227. I can’t begin to describe how excited this makes me! Even though I am ecstatic, I’m also staying grounded. This is the beginning of not just a journey to lose weight but a mission to live a healthier lifestyle.
What have I done so far? If I’m being honest, I’m just beginning but what I have done has had its challenges. I knew right away I didn’t want to do a popular named diet or anything crazy like starving myself. My research from the beginning reinstated that those diets produce results but they are very hard to maintain in the long run. The goal is to change your life to have long term success not just rapidly lose weight and gain it back. I decided on two major points that I needed to do to get started.
  1. Control my portions.
  2.  Improve the quality the foods I’m eating.
It seems so simple and yet that is what has given me results before. One of the most detrimental things I was doing to myself was having snacks when I got bored, especially late at night. I completely cut that out and have started to eat three round meals. To fill in the void of snacking I have allowed myself to have something such as peanuts, fruits or yogurt between meals. Another method I’ve used to drink more water to make myself feel more full. I can’t stress enough how important it is to also watch your water intake if you’re finding yourself drinking it excessively. There is such a thing as drinking too much water.
The second part of that was improving the quality of meals that I’ve eaten. This one can definitely be a bit more complicated, so I keep it simple for now. I’m cutting out the majority of junk food and cooking less processed foods. Again, I’m not advocating you stop cold turkey on any food all of a sudden, it’s a process. Full disclosure I’ve absolutely enjoyed a Wendy’s #2 in this successful stretch 😀
The goal remains to restrict that unhealthy food and replace it with something lower in caloric value, and high in nutritional value.
I’ve been using something like this to point me in the right direction. There are millions of resources out there that can help you out, the important thing is that take that initiative.
My diet today is something like this. For breakfast I have a protein shake or Chia seed Pudding. A snack between if I need it. For lunch, I’ve stopped going out all together and now prepare sandwiches along with some fruit or chips to go with it. For dinner we try to keep it to grilled chicken, and some veggies however pizza on a Friday is never out of the question if we’ve had a good week!
The changes are small and gradual, but they can drag on you. Pace yourself, limit something one day at a time or one week at a time, whatever feels good for you. Just keep the progress going. Now that my energy is improving as well I’ve found myself doing other small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and it feels great. I’m about ready to start hitting the gym again, and am looking forward to discuss that with you on the next update. As always, thank you for tagging along on this journey. I hope you find the inspiration to start your very own.

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