10 Gift and Date Ideas to Celebrate 10 Years

This past Sunday the 17th, marked one of the best and incomparable anniversaries of Cindy and my life.  It marked the anniversary of when I first asked Cindy to be my girlfriend.  Not without its own controversy though!  You see, I was in Alaska at the time, and Cindy was in Texas.  The time zone difference technically meant I asked her on the 16th, but in Texas it was the 17th.  It’s been a hot topic of debate and we eventually landed on the 17th.  Our willingness to compromise on the small stuff like that is one of a myriad of reasons we’ve made it to 10 years.

Cindy is so much more than I ever knew I wanted in a friend and wife.  She’s loving and the right amount of stubborn when she needs to be.  She humors me when I’m being a man-child, but knows when she needs to bring me back to reality.  She’s the most intelligent woman I know even though she’d deny it in a second. That’s part of her charm.  She’s humble and kind. Yet, when you think you have her figured out she will surprise you with an unbridled passion in art, crafts, literature and her family.

I could could write about how special she is to me, and how amazing she is for the rest of my days. But…I did promise Cindy I would do a write up about 10 things you could do as a gift or celebration for a special occasion.  Whether it’s been a month or 10 years, these are simple ways to show them how much you care.

1. Make a memory jar. 

Take a small mason jar and decorate with either a bow or some paint.  Write the date on it, or your names – something to make it pop.  Proceed to write down special moments that mean something for you both or just you that they may not know about.  The smaller the details the better.

2. Take a trip at home.  

For example they’ve always wanted to visit Italy.  Use that as your theme.  Cook an Italian dinner, get Italian wine, play an Italian playlist.  The more you get into it the better the effect.

3. Give them a personal gift for after the anniversary celebration.  

What I mean is outside of your plans already you should give them a gift for them to enjoy personally .  It could be a day at the spa with her best friend or tickets to a whiskey tasting for him. The thought behind this gesture is that you know them and you recognize their individuality.  It’s important to maintain that in a successful relationship.

4. Buy a planner to use together.  

The idea is to sit down and have 1 on 1 time where you open up and talk about your plans and your future.  Take a moment to reminisce on how much you’ve shared and been through.  Use that as a springboard to openly talk about where you see your future together.  Make a plan, and see where you go by your next anniversary!

5. Work on a scrapbook of your relationship thus far!  

You can make the entire process a fun date.  Start by going to the store to pick out supplies.  Then clipping photos and fill in what you want to showcase from your time together.  It’s a wonderful memory you can keep adding too as the years pass.

6. Visit a bookstore

The bookstore date has many different twists and methods but my favorite way to do it is to pick out a book for each other.  Select a book that means something to you for personal reasons. Share that with your significant other and make a follow up date.  On that next date discuss what your thoughts were and what you learned about them by reading this book.

7. Make a date jar.  

Take either a mason jar or a vase and label it as the “Date Jar”, bonus points for being creative with it.  Then take popsicle sticks and write date ideas on them.  Mix it up with different types of dates by length and type.  For example going to a movie is a simple date.  A weekend getaway is a different type of time commitment.  Color code them by complexity and time.  Do as many as the years or months you’re celebrating.

8. Schedule a photo shoot.  

It sounds obvious but it’s surprising how you can forget to take the time to take pictures of you together.  You can’t go wrong with making new memories.

9. Bookstore time again.  

If you’re not the reading types you can pick up a cookbook of recipes or a cuisine you like but don’t currently cook.  It can be so fun to together work on a new recipe together.  Take your time and be patient.  Also keep the pizza delivery number handy.

10. Pamper them!  

Your responsibilities don’t care that it’s a big day for you, and your anniversary may fall on a Wednesday.  Go ahead and make the big plans for a dinner or getaway on the weekend but don’t let them forget you know what day it is!  Before they get home from work, have a hot bath ready.  Get them a bath bomb, have a wine (or drink of choice) ready and let them relax as soon as they get home from work.  A minute gesture to show gratitude for the way they make you feel.

Bonus!  Make a playlist!  

The day of the mix tape may be behind us but that doesn’t mean music has lost its magic.  Making a meaningful or fun playlist still has its charm.  Nothing quite captures the essence of someone as their music style.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this special moment with us.  Please let me know if you end up using any of these and how it went!

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