Knitting Charity Hats

On Saturday I shared my current knitting project on Instagram. This is my third year knitting hats for our local emergency shelter. I received lots questions about how to get started with charity knitting so I today I’m sharing my experiences.
My word of the year for 2015 was present.  I wanted to be more present in what I was doing.  While I watched tv I actually wanted to pay attention to what was playing rather than using it as background noise while I stared at my phone.  Inspired by Robyn Devine and others online, I set the goal to make and donate 52 hats to charity that year.  Doing so would give me something to do with my hands while I read or watched tv. This would also enable me to meet another meaning of my word – gift.  I was new to making hats, so this was a pretty big undertaking. My first hat was a perfect baby sized hat intended for an adult. A friend designed me a pattern I could build off of whenever I grew bored and then I was unstoppable. I made hats with stripes and ribs and pom poms. I never reached my 52 hat goal, but I created a wintertime tradition for myself. 
As the weather gets colder I find myself drawn to knit hats.  With every hat I make, I reflect on whose head they will eventually land on and hope they find the comfort they need.  I can’t imagine not having a warm place to go during the winter and I hope my hats bring a little comfort to their new owners. Making hats gives me the ability to give back to my community. Plus I get to feel productive while I watch my 10th episode of The Walking Dead that day.  
Are you interested in making your own donation hats?  You’ll need to gather some supplies.  
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I’ll be back next week to share the pattern I follow and get you started making your first hat!

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