La Bodega – Leawood Kansas

In searching for ways to make the most of our weekend, we turned a family dinner into an adventure.  When it came time for us to pick a place to do that, we knew we wanted to showcase one of our favorites, La Bodega in Kansas City.

La Bodega specializes in Spanish Tapas, a traditional Spanish dish. They can be anything from an a piece of bread with ham on it, to melted cheese with chorizo and spices to dip into. Accompanied by wine and served in small portions, tapas keep you comfortable but not full between meals. Variations of these exist throughout Spain and can vary vastly by region.  

La Bodega offers a tremendous atmosphere for our money and the best sangria in Kansas City.  The tapas themselves are no slouches as they offer a myriad of options.  You can get anything from Spanish cheese and meat plates to sauteed squid with chorizo in a lemon sauce.

Yet, our favorite aspect here is the pace and the socialization that comes with a tapas meal.  Due to the smaller portions we each pick 2 to 3 different dishes and share them with the table.  This ensures everyone gets to experience all the flavors.  The staff staggers the tapas so as you’re never overwhelmed or out of table space. The pace of the meal is like a slow fire burn.  Soon you’re socializing and engaging as well as eating to your heart’s content.  Mix in a sangria pitcher for the table and the next thing you know 2 hours have gone by.

The magic in a meal like this comes from slowing down, and taking our time to eat, to talk, and to listen to each other. The hectic pace from our lives shouldn’t carry over into the weekend and we cannot think of a better way to ease that than to come to La Bodega.  

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