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Manhattan is full of unique things to explore but there are few things more “Manhattan” than Varsity Donuts. They serve unique donuts with fun flavors you wouldn’t expect. Flavors like red velvet, cinnamon toast crunch, and pistachio grace their shelves. Seated inside an old drug store, they utilize the original candy counter to house an array of brightly colored sprinkles.
The thing I love especially about Varsity is they are just fun. Every time you visit there is a new variety to try but the old standbys are amazing as well. If you’ve had a glazed donut, you’ve had them all (and they are delicious) but Varsity has so many different flavors that you will never get bored. Even if you are just feeling a “plain” donut they have add colors and sprinkles that transform them from anything but plain.

The shop remains stocked with a broad selection of board games. We enjoy spending an afternoon reading
Table Topics (affiliate link) to each other while we enjoy our donuts. They also offer a piano, ping pong ball table, and 
chalkboard wall for even more fun. In fact, we love Varsity so much, we served their donuts in place of a wedding cake.


On this particular day, we needed to get out of the house so we stopped by. I ordered a scout’s honor, which tasted like Girl Scout cookies. Tony had a French toast crunch topped with cereal, and we ordered a mermaid for Peanut. Obviously she was a fan.
Your adventures don’t have to be anything major. They don’t have to take a ton of planning or money to make them happen. Even taking twenty minutes out of your day to eat fancy donuts is an adventure in itself. All it takes is getting out and doing it.

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