Reach for the Stars

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

Being in my late twenties, with a wife and daughter in many ways feels like my life is on cruise control. Its structure is seamless.  I wake up and snooze my alarm, once.  Then I throw a meal prepped lunch into my satchel along with a water bottle and a protein shake for breakfast.  I grind 4 hours of work and eat my lunch and if I’m lucky I get to treat myself to a frozen yogurt.  I slog 4 more hours at work and pick up our “Peanut”.  When she runs into my arms with excitement as I arrive is one the most touching things I’ll ever experience. We get home and she naps while I do some arbitrary task. Cindy arrives, Peanut wakes up, we start on dinner.  Suddenly it’s Peanut’s bedtime, and shortly after, ours as well.  One day down, 4 more and we earn a weekend where we’ll lay around be happy for it.  


That life is a damn good life, and I’m grateful for what we have…but, there’s always something else.  In the eternal words of Anais Nin “I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again”  Cindy and I both realized this one evening as we sipped coffee on our deck. We needed to add something to the daily routine.  We didn’t want to get by on the daily things, as special and wonderful as those could be. With a little extra effort on our part we could definitely do more.  


That’s how she came up with Everyday Everest.  We couldn’t run off and travel the world, responsibilities and a mortgage don’t disappear on a whim.  We could, however, exhaust all the magic around us and turn that into adventures we can share together.  We can explore hiking trails, delve into local museums, seek out nearby festivals and celebrations. “Because you don’t have to climb mountains to find adventure in the everyday”.  


Our hope is to proliferate the feeling of adventuring on a realistic level. Let’s infuse your routine with a spice of the unexpected to keep you young at heart.  I truly hope you join us on our adventures as we continue to reach for our stars.  



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